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Latchkey Guitars

I build acoustic and electric guitars (carved arch tops coming soon!).

For all custom, made to order guitars, I request that the client perform 8 hours of community service before delivery. All guitars are substantially discounted if donations or volunteer work is performed to benefit foster children. If there are any questions about this policy, please ask!

All guitars include;

Bird's beak neck joint

"Soft V" neck profile

Hardwood binding

Custom made case

Tonewoods personally chosen and tested by an accredited acoustic engineer

At this time, my acoustic guitars come in either a slope-shouldered dreadnaught or orchestra model size. Other sizes can be requested but are a custom order.

I have an array of naturally felled, very old acoustic tops in Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce and European Spruce. 

All acoustic guitars include hardwood binding, contrasting hardwood dots, hardwood bridge pins and a hardwood pick guard.

 Bolt on, mortice and tenon neck to body joint is standard. 

All saddles and nuts are made of bleached, high density cow bone.

All back bracing, neck and end blocks are Honduran Mahogany (unless ordering internationally).

Custom options include; Venetian cutaways, custom inlay, arm bevels and a myriad of exotic wood options.

Electric guitars are my own custom, double cutaway  shape with hand carved backs and can be chambered, solid or semi-hollow construction. Each includes  hardwood binding (usually to match the body wood), in-house-hand wound pickups, bone or buffalo horn nut and mortice and tenon neck joints. 

Each guitar is fitted with high end electronics like; bumble bee or orange capacitors, Bourns or CTS pots and a custom "blend" knob. Blend your pickups together for infinite tone choice.

Custom options include; custom inlay, Bigsby tailpieces, 3 pick up configurations and anything else we can think up. 

I am obviously not a photographer (or a web designer). If you would like to see more photos, please visit me on Instagram.

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