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I have a lot of leftovers... Every project inevitably leaves me with a profusion of material that is inherently too... beautiful, rare, interesting, creamy, oily, dark, has interesting grain, chatoyancy, fantastic color variation, nice density or really whatever excuse I can make up to ensure it doesn't end up in the compost or my fireplace. I love wood but I'm a maker, not a collector.

Here you'll find everything that I dream up over my morning coffee from the occasional humidor, candle holder and other utilitarian pieces to personal expressions in the form of marquetry landscapes, inlay portraiture and sculpture. Many of the ideas on this page can be replicated or expanded upon. Art can be commissioned but involves a lengthy interview process and multiple whiskey fueled conversations out by my pond. 

I am obviously not a photographer (or a web designer). If you would like to see more photos, please visit me on Instagram.

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