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Fine Furniture 

For all custom, made to order furniture, I request that the client perform 8 hours of community service before delivery. All furniture is substantially discounted if donations or volunteer work is performed to benefit foster children. If there are any questions about this policy, please ask!

All furniture pieces are truly custom and one of a kind.

All pieces are constructed from naturally-felled trees or from a sustainable lumber operation. 

All pieces are finished in a natural, food safe and non toxic finish, typically tung oil. 

To the extent possible for structural integrity; I use hand cut joinery and attempt to avoid the use of synthetic fasteners. 

Custom slab work available. All slabs are hand planed to preserve the natural beauty of the piece. 

Custom fabric lining for drawers and such is available. 

Repair and restoration services are available on a limited basis. 

Approximations are free and I love to talk about furniture but design is not. Design time is paid up front and then a proposal is drafted. If accepted by both of us, I require a deposit of 50% and the remaining will be due at time of delivery. 

I am obviously not a photographer (or a web designer). If you would like to see more photos, please visit me on Instagram.

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